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Basalt aggregate grinding

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Product Introduction

Basalt is a kind of basic extrusive rock, a compact or foam-like structure formed by the solidification of magma from a volcano after the surface is cooled and belongs to the magmatic rock. The hardness of basalt is 5-7 in Mohs, and the volume density is 2.8~3.3g/cm3. The dense structure has high compression strength, which can reach 300MPa, or even higher, but the strength will be reduced if the crystal impurities and stomata are contained.


Technical Process

The process of basalt sand production line: The basalt enters coarse crushing equipment through feeder. After coarse crushing, the aggregate enters fine crusher for second crushing. Then it is transported to screening device by belt conveyor for aggregate classification. After satisfying the required finished aggregate, the unnecessary aggregate and the aggregate whose grading doesn’t meet the requirement will be sent into sand making equipment. After crushing of sand making machine, the aggregate is transported again to screening workshop by belt conveyor for grading. In this way, the secondary crushing device, sand making device and the screening device form a closed-loop cycle, and the aggregate is processed into the required finished stone aggregate. Dry or wet process can be used in the production of artificial aggregates. In the case of considering environmental protection and water saving, winnowing machine can be used for sand classification, which is conducive to environmental protection and the adjustment and control of stone power content at any time.

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