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Filter machine

Filter machine

Raw materials: Copper sulfide
Effective filter: 500-4000
Weight(t): 6-52


Product Description:

The vacuum filter separates the solids from the liquid in the mixture via porous medium, and is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, pharmacy, light industry, food, ore beneficiation, coal and water treatment, etc.


1. The capacity of the vacuum filter depends on the filtration speed.
2. If the solids in the suspended liquid is of large and even size, the clearance of filter residue will be less unblocked, and then the filtrate passes faster. Flocculating agent helps gather the fine particles to form lumps, which also increases the filtration speed.
3. For liquid in which solids sediment quickly, the vacuum filter in which add materials from above the filter medium is used to allow the large particles sediment first so as to avoid the block of filter medium and filter residue.
4. If the liquid is hard to filtrate, mix the liquid with large particles such as diatomite or bloating perlite to loose the filter residue; if the liquid is very sticky, heating the liquid helps reduce the stickiness; such doings help increase the filtration speed.