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Three drum dryer

Three drum dryer

Rotation: 8-10
Shell cubage(m3): 15.87-76.93
Sand final moisture: 0.5-1%


Product Description:

Bailing three cylinder dryers are newly developed for dry mixed mortar, sand, cement plant, coal gangue, slag, clay mixture, fly ash, gypsum, iron powder as the raw material, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, foundry industry. Three cylinder dryers improved the internal structure of single cylinder drying machine, coupled with the sealed equipments, moisture and reasonable measures, the production capability increases by 50-80% with other dryers, volumetric evaporation intensity up to 120-180kg/m3, the standard coal consumption is only 6-8kg/t. Its characteristics are advanced technology, reasonable parameters, simple and feasible operation.

1, Three cylinder drying machine equipment investment is 1/6 of the imported products, made of alloy steel, wear-resistant 3-4 times than ordinary steel plate.
2, The material initial moisture is 15%, final moisture to ensure the following 0.5-1%,widely used in cement plant, slag powder and dry mixed mortar production line product of choice.
3, Three cylinder drying machines’ thermal efficiency can be amount to as high as 80% (traditional single cylinder drying machine thermal efficiency is only 32%) ,which can improve the thermal efficiency to 48%.
4, The fuel can be adapted to anthracite, bituminous coal, coal gangue, oil, steam, can bake 20-40mm block, granular, powdery materials.
5, Three cylinder dryer reduce the area of about 50% than single cylinder drying machine , civil investment decreases about 50%.
6, Our dryers are no leakage phenomenon, it can completely solve the sealing problems and also can be installed within 2 hours.
7, It cancan easily control the final moisture index according to the customers’needs.
8, The material temperature is less than 50 degrees, which can be directly into the database, without the need for cooling roof .
9, Three cylinder drying machine barrel temperature is only 60 degrees, the exhaust gas temperature is < 100 degrees, dust removal equipment bag for a long time is more than 2 times, which is water vapor.
10,The coal consumption of three cylinder dryers is 1/3 of single cylinder drying machine , saving 40%. Tons of standard coal consumption < 9 kg, small model dryers for annual coal is the 50-100 million, a bigger model dryers is 100-200 million .