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Fly ash dryer

Fly ash dryer

Power(kw): 4-30kw
Volume(m3): 2.26-70.43
Diameter (mm): 600-2200


Product Description:

Fly ash drying machine is designed by the characters of its initial moisture content more than other materials ,smaller proportion , big liquidity . It has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, is the same yield of single cylinder drying area 1/2, reliable work, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, good drying effect, easy to realize automation control, less operators.,Because the different materials have high requirement on the dryer texture , the Bailing dryer’s lifter can choose different texture depend on the the different material properties, such as stainless steel, high manganese steel etc.! Drying machine roller made of 45Cr material and roller adopt 35CrMo material .It is wear-resistant practical!

1, Low air temperature , dust removal equipment has a long service time.
2, the new combined lifter device, can be easily control final moisture index according to the requirements of the user .
3, a high degree of automation, convenient operation, stable operation.
4, the equipment investment is 1/6 of imported products , small investment, quick return.
5, the wheel rotation, low drive power.
6, to reduce the area about 50% than that of the single cylinder drying machine, construction investment is reduced by about 50%, the power consumption is lower than 60%.
7,The fuel can be oil, steam and coal.