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Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln

Supply Ability: 8 Set/Sets per Month
Feature: Save pulverized coal, Harmless, Fuel use
Shipping ports: Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin


Product description:

This kiln  is a cylindrical vessel, inclined slightly to the horizontal, which is rotated slowly about its axis.
The materials to be burnt get into the stove from the higher end of the cylinder. Due to the slope and slow rotation of the cylinder, the material moves around from top to bottom along the axis to finish its process. At last, the finished materials get into the cooler through the burner hood. The fuel gets into the kiln through the head of the kiln. The waste gas will be discharged from the end of the kiln after exchanging heat with the materials.

Hot gases may be generated in an external furnace, or may be generated by a flame inside the kiln. Such a flame is projected from a burner-pipe (or "firing pipe") which acts like a large bunsen burner. Fuel for this may be gas, oil, pulverized petroleum coke or pulverized coal.


1.In rotary kiln dynamic balance, kiln skin general are uniform smooth rough, material tumbling move smoothly, gentle, material layer uniform and stable, and clinker quality are improved.
2. Eradicate rotary kiln thick skin and kiln circle, expanding the effective cross-sectional area of the rotary kiln, cement clinker production capacity increased by 10% generally, rotary kiln operation rate increased by more than 10%.
3. Rotary kiln is continuous working, without change the existing operating parameters, without consuming any material, the overall economic efficiency improved significantly.
4. Hot rotary kiln treatment with kiln ring, personnel and equipment are on outside, without rotary kiln temperature harm, good adaptability in high temperature large dust environment , and there is no danger for personnel and equipment even if the ring collapsed.
5. Effectively curb rotary kiln red kiln, rotary kiln knot big and small size egg ball accident, kiln liner and bearing, motor, rotary kiln body can be effectively protected, significantly prolong kiln using life.
6. large impact energy, high processing speed Kiln knot ring accident , can clear the kiln knot ring in a few minutes.
7. The machine has many functions, you can prevent the effective removal of knot ring, also can crush the big and small size egg ball.