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Zinc oxide rotary kiln

Zinc oxide rotary kiln

Raw materials: Zinc oxide rotary
Power (kw): 18.5-125
Weight(t): 47.5-310


Product Description:

1, Grinding zinc material and coking coal less than 40 mesh, and mix zinc and coking charge proportionally 1:0.30 to 0.35 to get mixed well materials.
2, made the mixed well materials to 8-15 mm diameter particle mixture, and finally feed the mixture into rotary kiln for smelting.
3, when the zinc content is 15% to 25% zinc oxide or zinc ore industrial slag calcined production of zinc oxide, can greatly savings coke or coal.
4, zinc oxide obtained by calcining is high productivity, good product quality and less amount of nodulation.


1. operating simplicity
2. efficiency optimization
3.  cost minimization