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Aluminum ore production process

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Aluminum ore Introduction

    Bauxite is the generic term for ores composed of gibbsite and boehmite or diaspore with a mohs hardness of 2.5-3.5. Aluminum is active metal which is easily oxidized exposed in the air so it exists in nature as compound status. People always extrude aluminum from bauxite containing hydrated aluminas.

Process Flow   

    The production process of bauxite contains calcination, crushing, grinding and packaging. Raw bauxite materials are calcined with high-temperature in calcinator and pars of them can be processed through drying ways. Calcined materials are crushed by jaw crusher and ground by grinding machine. After materials entering into grinding production system, the grinding and classifying are automatically completed in the grinding machine and operators should keep their eyes on the data shown in electric control cabinet. And qualified bauxite powders are discharged out of the discharging valve and packaged into finished products.

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