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Industrial Coal Powder Grinding

Date:2018-12-04 09:46 From:Bailing Machinery Author:admin
Coal Powder Product Introduction

Coal powder is a kind of coal whose granule is less than 0.5mm. It is a kind of particle which is flammable and easy to enter air to form dust pollution. At present, China’s energy consumption structure is mainly coal. Coal powder is popular with the majority of users, such as high heat efficiency, low soot and waste discharge. Therefore, the preparation of coal powder has become one of the important measures for efficient and clean utilization of coal. In order to meet the safety and environmental requirements of coal preparation, Bailing Machinery has designed advanced crushing and grinding equipment for different process requirements, ensuring the safety and smoothness, cleanness and greenness of the production process of coal powder.
Coal Powder Technical Process    
Large sized coal is crushed into the feeding size (15mm-40mm) which can enter the mill by crusher. After crushing, small sized coal is transported to the stock bin by bucket elevator . Then it is sent to grinding chamber of the grinder uniformly and quantitatively by vibrating feeder for grinding. After grinding, coal powder is graded by powder concentrator. After grading, the unqualified powder will return to main engine for regrinding. The powders which meet the fineness are piped into dust collector with airflow for separation and collection. The collected final powders are sent to final products stock bin from discharge hole by conveying device. Then they are packed by powder tank or automatic packing machine together.

Equipment Recommendation

Application Equipment Recommendation
Crushing Jaw Crusher, Hammer Crusher
Conveying material Bucket Elevator, Vibrating Feeder
Powder processing R-Raymond, High Pressure Grinder, European Mill, Super Fine Grinder 

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